Students will learn how to navigate and incorporate circus-based chair dance and chair balance for fun and performance. We will focus on appropriate warm up, basic dance and prop incorporation, fun tricks, creating what works for you and most importantly safety! Shoes are an option but comfortable, moveable clothing and a can-do attitude is a must!


A burlesque based dance class with roots in latin dance, jazz, and a lot of sexy.  Warm up with isolations, focus on stretch and strength for creating nice lines and avoiding injury, strut across the floor, and end learning a phrase.  Expect to get sweaty and have a lot of fun doing it.  Comfortable clothes needed, shoes not required.  Heels very optional.  Knee pads encouraged. All expressions of person are welcome.


Have a hard time creating content for your acts?  Want to expand your movement practice?  In this class you will learn helpful skills to make movement happen.  We will touch on the basics of movement creation, how to improvise movement, and how to turn that improvised movement into a set act.  Over this 60 min workshop, we will warm up, move, talk theory and put it all to practice.  This is a class meant for any style, age, gender.  It’s for human beings to get creating.  Comfortable clothing and a notebook will be helpful.


Yoga has been an integral part of me keeping it together on and off stage. Get to know your body and mind and how to best work with injuries, prevent injuries, and use your nerves to your benefit. Class focus on breath work, poses and flow, and chill! This class is perfect for the beginner and can be tailored for advanced students/injuries/abilities.