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Tila Von Twirl

        Putting the Femme In Them

                The Origami Crane of Sequins and Pain 


Tila Von Twirl is an award winning performer that blends classic and modern, upside down and right side up, in ways you have never seen before. 


Specializing in acrobatic chair dance, feather fan dancing, and camp, Tila is one third of The Amazing Bendable Poseable Dolls of Doom, a core member of Fringe Factor Dance and one half of the power duo, Lando Blaze and Narcissa. Most recently, Tila has delighted in hosting shows around Chicago, the weekly show PeekEasy at Newport Theater. Tila is also producer, curator and host of the queer forward, interactive variety show, Embodiment and Eve of Eve at Untitled Supper Club.


After dancing professionally around the midwest, Von Twirl received a BFA at Columbia College Chicago. A yoga certification, a few years of teaching and self-producing work in the modern dance world later, Von Twirl found deep self love and healing in the art of burlesque.  It started December 2008 with the Dolls of Doom on the stairs of the Congress Theater. The Dolls have had the honor of being inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame twice with the titles of Best Variety 2010 and Most Comedic 2011 as well as traveling nationally and internationally. The Dolls have also had the honor of appearing on the BHOF stage for the Icons and Allstars Showcase.


A trained dancer and choreographer, Tila has danced for “Tomorrow” featuring Fleetwood Mac, "Sing" featuring Elton John, “Metamorphus” featuring Billy Joel, as well as set choreography for Lando Blaze and Narcissa which coined the term “stupidlesque” from Johnny Porkpie during BHoF's Movers, Shakers, and Innovators show.  Tila's work challenges what and who is sexy. Funny, queer, powerful, grotesque, absurd. 


As well as private instruction on act development and technique, Tila is on staff at the Newport Theater Camp and Party Instigator for private party experiences. 

Tila has taught classes for Chicago Academy of Burlesque, Chicago School of Burlesque, Detroit School of Burlesque, School of Shimmy (SF), Studio L'amour(Chicago), Fishnet Follies (SF), and BurlyCon (Portland) among others. Von Twirl delights in teaching and loves challenging how students see themselves and what they are capable of. 

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